Keep Your Heart In Place

Yes we’re all most likely experiencing a quarantine of some kind. Your’s might be called “Shelter In Place” or you’ve been told stay home. Whatever it may be I wanted to share with you some tools to help inspire you along the way:

Yes we’re in some interesting times. It feels odd when all the things that felt tangible, suddenly are not. Our fake control buttons have been removed. We get to step back and only be the observer. 

In reality,  it was never ours anyway. Only given to us for only a season!  We’ll remember these times. Some will survive and learn to appreciate life and people even more. Some will transition. Only because they’ve completed what they came to offer or they never progressed due to fear or circumstances. 

The results are not coincidental. Things that seem so sad or destructive will sometimes take us to a better place. Shaking off the old ways to bring us to that which molds us into a better person or who we were to become. 

If we’re open to hearing and following the Creator’s plans for our lives, uplift and help others, eat clean foods, keep our immune system up and making sure our life insurance policies are up to date. That may give us an upper hand. 

All in all this journey has us all tossed. Maybe we do have our moments of “fear” but only for that moment should we dance with fear. 

Ask that scary question….What’s the worst thing that could happen to you??? Go there and feel that unpleasant feeling. Take a deep breath in…hold it…now slowly let it out.  Let’s release that fear or anything that’s not here for our highest good. Now you no longer fear that outcome because we realize we survived it and we’re going to be okay! Or even better others come to help us when we can’t put on our own oxygen or rescue mask. 

I’ve had the joy of being rescued and assisting in rescuing others. Many times It brings us full circle and assist in healing emotional pain. 

Golden Nugget: The next part in surviving on this planet and having the best life is to have an open heart.

If you’re ready for the next level.  I’ve created a platform for those that yearn for true love and partnership.  The question is, will you raise your hand and create your best season?

May you and your family be safe!

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