Imaginary Code

What Would You And Your Mate Be Doing?

Put on your favorite music or pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine. Find a comfortable spot, relax and focus. Do not cheat yourself or play small. Your mind and thoughts are Powerful Tools. This is your chance to be with the man or women of your dreams.

Start by inviting them. For example: Hello love, I’m ready to spend some quality time with you. I’m inviting you to show up like never before. I would like to share my love with you.

Then start to visualize…what would he or she look like or smell like? What are they wearing? What would they sound like? What would you be saying to them? What would you both be doing together? Take your time. Allow yourself time to slowly visualize and sit with them for awhile. Feel it. Let it become so real that you actually feel their presence!

Awesome we will practice this often. How about every Friday? That way you’ll soon have a Friday nite date (in the physical). He or she just may show up! Wow! That’s Exciting!!! It gives me a chance to show up and attend more weddings:)

Happy Friday!

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