Visualizing That Look

Dear Friends,

By now you’ve come up with a name for your dream partner. You have imagined what he or she looks like, feels like, smells like or sounds like. You know that they are soon physically coming into your life. Yes, soon! How could they not? Your vision becomes clearer day by day.

Now you’ll think of how they look at you. That deep stare. The one that lets you know they’re really into you. You are a magnificent being. They like what they see. Plus when you look at each other, you both seem to get lost into each other’s eyes. That Look is priceless.

Go ahead and spend some time visualizing those moments. You’ll reflect back once they show up and remember when it was a just a dream. Now it’s a true reality.

It first starts in the mind, now let it drop down into the heart.

Go for it. Call them in.

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