Wealthy Wallet Wednesday

“Money Talks”

What Is Your Money Saying To You?

How do you feel about your money? When you hold your money, debit or credit card what energy do they give off? Is your money happy being with you or is it running from you? If your money is running from you. It’s time to change that. We all go through changes in our lives. It’s time to take a serious look at our money relationships. Today ask yourself, what would it take to come together in harmony with my money?

Today is Wealthy Wallet Wednesday! It’s that day where we cleanse and reflect on our money and get organized. A day when we’re grateful for all that we have. A day where we work to improve our spending habits and organize our wallets.

Start with our money cleansing ceremony and purchase our healing oil, Perception click here for more information.

Happy Wealthy Wallet Wednesday!!!

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