Whispers of Love!

Okay, its Friday Nite folks. Are you being held in the arms of your loving mate? If yes, good job you have did the inner work on yourself and manifested the love of your life!

If not and you’re yearning to feel them hold you close and whispering in your ear how much they love you! It’s time to put that golden imaginary cap on and start to feeling. Lets feel deep down inside.

Take a deep breath in. Now hold it, let it out slowly. Drop down into your heart. I think we better put our hands on our heart in this case. Feel that heartbeat. Send love to your heart, don’t rush it. Just sit in this moment.

There is a partner out there wishing to connect to you just as much as you wish to connect to them. Your hearts yearn to find each other. It can happen but it will take some work. Relax more into that heart beat. Now imagine them coming from behind you and softly massaging your shoulders. It feels so loving and it relaxes you even more. They come closer and whisper in your ear how much they love and appreciate you. You turn your head closer and you both embrace as your lips come together in love.

Really feel that. He or she is searching for you too. Just Believe!

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