Wealthy Wallet Wednesday

Do you have a Savings Plan?

It’s never too late to start a savings plan! You can start with $5.00 weekly or monthly. Just start now and see how much you can save in a year.

Make you a small piggy bank with a jar or buy a special bank for this special project “September Savings”. Just make it fun and relaxing. Do not allow it to stress you out. Next year this time you will be proud of yourself.

It’s helpful to add some of our Perception Oil on your money bank too.

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What’s In Your Purse?

Hello Friends,

What’s in your purse today? Is your purse organized or filled with old items that you never use? Make sure it is clean and organized. Gather unwanted items and old receipts and dispose them!

Check out my Perception Oil by clicking here! Rub your money with this great smelling oil. Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Wealthy Wallet Wednesday

Be Grateful for even the little things…

May Money Overtake You!



Wow! It’s always good to make wise purchases. It’s Wealthy Wallet Wednesday. I like to offer information on different ways we can save and spend our money wisely.

With housing cost being one of your largest investments. Being wise with our money and looking for other options, can be rewarding! Now you can own a Casita for $50,000. Its smart to research and learn about innovative ways to live. Boxabl has a new factory on the west coast. They’re rolling out phase one of their new homes soon. They plan to offer housing around the United States.

Here’s your opportunity to become a homeowner! For more information about Boxabl Casitas and the opportunity to $ave a $100 off your purchase click here: https://bit.ly/2QpfJt1

Happy Wealthy Wallet Wednesday!



The Money Tree

The Money Tree also known as the Pachira Plant.

According to Chinese feng shui tradition, the leaves, with a bit of imagination look like green hands that capture happiness and good fortune, and the twisted stems store the treasure. In Asia, the plant is also called the money tree. There, it is a traditional housewarming gift that brings good fortune and happiness to the home. In China the number five represents the five elements, and that too makes the five-fingered leaves of the Pachira very popular. The effect is said to be reinforced by placing five plants in one (red) pot or interweaving five trunks. 

“Happy Wealthy Wallet Wednesday”

Wealthy Wallet Wednesday

Hello Beautiful People,

How’s those wallets looking today? Are they clean and organized? If not it’s that time again. It’s Wealthy Wallet Wednesday. Yay! me and my friends and family surely look forward to Wealthy Wallet Wednesday. We like to share our stories and gratitude for all that we’ve received. We have noticed how cleaning, smelling and wiping our money down with the “Perception Oil” has enhanced our money flow!

One of my friends was having car trouble. I said, why don’t you try some of my Perception Oil and believe for a better vehicle. That was at one of our Fourth of July Outings. He called me this week, Drum Roll…He had received a Lump Sum of money and sent me a picture of his new car! He’s so happy!

Wow! I love hearing the great stories. Just seeing how the oil is blessing people’s lives. You could be our next success story. Just click here for more information about the Perception Healing Oil. Miracles do happen.

Just Believe,

Cutting People Out

Of Your LIfe

VALUE – To consider (someone or something) to be important or beneficial; have a high opinion of.

Do you find yourself smiling outside but crying inside? Many of us do. Especially in the last months. If you look around some people are in pain. One great thing about this journey it allows you time to listen to that inner voice. Time to reflect and realize who really cares about you and who you really care about. You realize you may have taken someone for granted. You also learn to appreciate the small things that have taken place in your life.

Today’s question is do you value yourself? Do the people around you value you? Its okay to release people that don’t value or appreciate you. Or maybe you don’t have enough in common to move forward. It’s not that you hate them. They just don’t serve a purpose in your life any more. You have reached your limit. They may have hurt you or your journey together has come to a completion!

I had to write and mail letters to say goodbye to some people. It wasn’t easy but after it was done, I felt lighter and more at peace. The best part is…it makes room and space for new, more exciting people to come into your life. Give it a try, CUT some people Out. It’s time to RElease them and Let Them Go!


Gemstones and Crystals


Hi Beautiful People,

The one thing that I really enjoy is collecting gemstones. Some are so beautiful in color. Some are smooth and some are rough. You can decide which stone is good for you. I do recommend doing some research about the different stones. Start out with some small pieces. Wear them as jewelry or put individual ones in your wallet or pocket. I enjoy wearing the bracelets. I also have the earrings and rings.

The stone of the day is the Pink Rose Quartz:

Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love. It restores trust and harmony in relationships, encouraging unconditional love. Rose Quartz purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace.

The bracelets are very pretty! When I wear my different gemstone bracelets, I get so many compliments. Plus they raise your vibration. People can feel the love when they come near you. At this time we could use more love in the world. You can find out more information about the bracelets pictured above by clicking here.

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Whispers of Love!

Okay, its Friday Nite folks. Are you being held in the arms of your loving mate? If yes, good job you have did the inner work on yourself and manifested the love of your life!

If not and you’re yearning to feel them hold you close and whispering in your ear how much they love you! It’s time to put that golden imaginary cap on and start to feeling. Lets feel deep down inside.

Take a deep breath in. Now hold it, let it out slowly. Drop down into your heart. I think we better put our hands on our heart in this case. Feel that heartbeat. Send love to your heart, don’t rush it. Just sit in this moment.

There is a partner out there wishing to connect to you just as much as you wish to connect to them. Your hearts yearn to find each other. It can happen but it will take some work. Relax more into that heart beat. Now imagine them coming from behind you and softly massaging your shoulders. It feels so loving and it relaxes you even more. They come closer and whisper in your ear how much they love and appreciate you. You turn your head closer and you both embrace as your lips come together in love.

Really feel that. He or she is searching for you too. Just Believe!

Wealthy Wallet Wednesday

“Money Talks”

What Is Your Money Saying To You?

How do you feel about your money? When you hold your money, debit or credit card what energy do they give off? Is your money happy being with you or is it running from you? If your money is running from you. It’s time to change that. We all go through changes in our lives. It’s time to take a serious look at our money relationships. Today ask yourself, what would it take to come together in harmony with my money?

Today is Wealthy Wallet Wednesday! It’s that day where we cleanse and reflect on our money and get organized. A day when we’re grateful for all that we have. A day where we work to improve our spending habits and organize our wallets.

Start with our money cleansing ceremony and purchase our healing oil, Perception click here for more information.

Happy Wealthy Wallet Wednesday!!!

Wealthy Wallet Wednesday

It’s time again to check in and ask how your life and money is working in your favor! We are all in different seasons of our lives. Do not feel upset if you are not pleased with your wealth at this time. You can still visualize and work towards building your wealth.

Start by being grateful for whatever you have in this moment. Thank the Universe or The Creator for all that you have. To help you along in the process, read about the money cleansing process by clicking here.

Remember to maintain an organized wallet and let your money know that you appreciate whatever the amount you have.

Wishing you a Happy Wealthy Wallet Wednesday!