Cutting People Out

Of Your LIfe

VALUE – To consider (someone or something) to be important or beneficial; have a high opinion of.

Do you find yourself smiling outside but crying inside? Many of us do. Especially in the last months. If you look around some people are in pain. One great thing about this journey it allows you time to listen to that inner voice. Time to reflect and realize who really cares about you and who you really care about. You realize you may have taken someone for granted. You also learn to appreciate the small things that have taken place in your life.

Today’s question is do you value yourself? Do the people around you value you? Its okay to release people that don’t value or appreciate you. Or maybe you don’t have enough in common to move forward. It’s not that you hate them. They just don’t serve a purpose in your life any more. You have reached your limit. They may have hurt you or your journey together has come to a completion!

I had to write and mail letters to say goodbye to some people. It wasn’t easy but after it was done, I felt lighter and more at peace. The best part is…it makes room and space for new, more exciting people to come into your life. Give it a try, CUT some people Out. It’s time to RElease them and Let Them Go!